About Us

Luxury Hotel Furniture Inc.(LHF) is a Calgary based company that repurposes the finest quality furniture from five star hotels and resorts in western Canada. These pieces of furniture are manufactured to industrial grade standards and have years if not generations of usefulness. Partnering initially with Historic Banff and Lake Louise properties, LHF has already repurposed over 3,000 pieces of furniture from the rooms, suits and various dining spaces within each of these hotels.

Our Clients

Our Furniture pieces represent a piece of history in Western Canada, whether our clients have had the luxury of staying at a historic rocky mountain hotel or perhaps just visited one, they are able to own a piece of these majestic Canadian landmarks in their personal residence. Regardless of whether just a single chair is purchased or an entire suite, our clients predominant buying motive is value. No where else are you able to purchase this level of quality and craftsmanship at such a nominal cost. The fact that our pieces come from such historic landmarks adds to their enduring value and intrigue.

Carbon Footprint

With the purchase from LHF the consumer is reducing their environmental footprint to zero with the selected item. This environmental awareness and conscientiousness is a key part of the vision of both LHF and the hotels and resorts we work with. LHF provides each hotel with repurposeing certificates indicating the number of items that have been repurposed enabling each hotel to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and stewardship.

The Repurposing Process

Each piece is carefully removed from the hotel properties, and shipped to our Calgary storage facility. From here our team goes over each item and inspects them for suitability. Small flaws of course are part of the authenticity, much like a full grain hide on a leather couch. Any large imperfections are either rectified or the item becomes a part of our “Giving Back” program whereby it goes at no cost to families in need across Calgary through various charitable organizations.

Giving Back

Luxury Hotel Furniture as a business strives to recognize that while many families have more than enough for their comfort and enjoyment, there are others who do not. As such, we believe that every business should support those within the community in which they conduct enterprise who are less fortunate as a part of their business model. We have enjoyed a great sense of helping out, being able to assist with furnishings for families and individuals who need need them within our city. Luxury Hotel Furniture sees social responsibility not as just a concept but an actual practice.